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We feature local community business leaders who are crushing it in at least one of the skills to become a Key Person of Influence.

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Topher Morrison Key Person of Influence.comHosted by best-selling author Topher Morrison, the managing director of Key Person of Influence, a global firm that has been named the “World’s Leading Personal Brand Accelerator” by the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post

This is a real opportunity to meet with local influencers

There are three main problems with most business events. They take up your whole day; are expensive; and they over promise what they can actually deliver.

We solve those problems by offering short, affordable, regular meet ups that are laser-focused on a particular topic. Just click over to our Eventbrite page to see which topics interest you the most.

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About our events

The Business Accelerator Series features top local influencers who have achieved Industry Leader status. You’ve read about them, you’ve seen them on TV; these are influencers that you want to connect with, but they don’t attend your everyday networking events. They don’t have to.

Our Business Accelerator events are presented interview-style with interactive audience participation. The events are marketed to business owners and held to an intimate number of attendees. As a result, you will receive meaningful information from a true local leader and make high-caliber connections with other growth-minded professionals.

Some of our past guests have included…

  • Charles Sykes

    Charles Sykes

    President & CEO, Sykes Enterprises

  • Stacie Schaible

    Stacie Schaible

    News Anchor, News Channel 8

  • Rebecca White

    Dr. Rebecca White

    Director of Entrepreneurship, University of Tampa

  • Moez Limayem

    Moez Limayem

    Dean University of South Florida College of Business

  • Alexis Muellner

    Alexis Muellner

    Editor-in-Chief, Tampa Bay Business Journal

  • Bob Circosta

    Bob Circosta

    TV’s Billion Dollar Man

  • Cyndi Edwards

    Cyndi Edwards

    Talk Show Host, Daytime

  • Daniel James_Scott

    Daniel James Scott

    Executive Director, Tampa Bay Technology Forum

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